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Turn Your Basement into Something Awesome

February 21, 2013


A poor foundation is often the cause of a home’s early decay. What are you going to do with a beautiful façade while the inside of your house is rotting? Have you checked your basement’s dampness level? You may be unaware that your basement is already full of mold. How would you know? You’re not even visiting your basement, other than going down to pile up boxes and boxes of unused stuff. You do this over and over again, not knowing  your basement may need some serious basement waterproofing.

Basement waterproofing will get rid of all the molds. The guys who supervise projects like this can even do something about the dampness in your basement. And while you’re at it, hire someone to rearrange your basement as well—an interior decorator will be best. You can turn your basement into a new family room. I’m sure waterproofing your basement will make it more livable. You now have treated the disease. Why not make the most out of it? Why not turn it into something better – perhaps basement remodeling.

If you don’t want to turn it into a second family room, you can just turn it into a play room. Turn your basement into a recreation room of some kind, depending on the sports or games your family members are most interested in. Can you imagine it? I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

You have neglected your basement for far too long now. It is time to chase away the monsters, brighten the dark corners, and clear the trash. That is your basement, not your dumping site. After all, it’s still considered a room in your home (and you paid for it). Why not make it beautiful like all your upper rooms? It can be anyone’s place of escape.

So my friend, make the most out of the rooms in your home. Turn your basement into something awesome!


The Cost of a Basement Finishing Project

November 15, 2012

You have been repeatedly told that finishing the basement of your home is a cost effective way of obtaining additional floor space. Since the basement is at a different level from your main living area you can finish it to gain a quiet and peaceful place to use as your home office, sport’s room, home theater, or living area. Alternatively, you can finish your basement to be used as a children’s play room or music room and ensure peace and order in the rest of your home. While the possibilities are endless, you naturally want to know how much the basement finishing project will cost.

Like any construction project the cost of finishing the basement of your  home depends on various factors. Some of them are:

Size of the basement
Number of rooms needed
Need for egress windows
Appliances that will be used in the finished basement
Electrical work needed
Custom flooring
Number of support pillars that are present
Amount of trim and molding desired
Number of windows

Some of these factors can be decided only after the design of the basement is finalized. Many home owners choose to finish only a part of the basement and retain the rest as storage space. This will require a door to access the storage space with ease. You do not want your guests seeing a pile of stuff, your stuff, when they are watching TV or playing some pool in your basement. It does not matter how nice you fix up the basement if half of it is filled by items collecting dust.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

Apart from the costs mentioned above, many people decide to add a bathroom to their basement to minimize the number of trips upstairs. A dehumidifier too might be essential to keep the finished basement, dry and usable. These additions naturally will add to the cost of your basement finishing project. However, the extra costs will add to the comfort level of the basement room and increase the value of your home.

Remodeling Costs

Homeowners planning to remodel the basement of their home will have to spend less than those wanting a complete basement finishing job done. When undertaking a remodeling project, the contractor will be able to utilize some of the existing tiles and other basement finishing products. For instance the floor and roof tiles might be retained. Also, if the existing windows have energy efficient panes, there is no need to replace them. This means that you have to only pay for the extra light fixtures and the cost of labor for their installation. By investing only a small sum, you will be able to convert the unused playroom into a home theater or home office.

Safety of Finished Basements

When it comes to a basement finishing project your imagination is the only limiting factor. The superior specialized basement finishing products available can convert even the most unpromising of basements – one that is dark and damp and has many support pillars and uneven walls into a warm, cheerful, and inviting room that can be safely used by all members of your family.