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April 2013
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Create a Romatic Bedroom Retreat

April 15, 2013   

Romantic bedroom decorating can mean different things to different people, depending on personal tastes and style. To be truly romantic, a bedroom should be filled with personal luxuries. They do not have to be costly, just items that have significant personal value to the occupant of the room. Antique vases, favorite novels, a dreamy cashmere or chenille bed throw, or antique lace doilies. Anything really that spells comfort and familiarity to you.

Romantic bedrooms can be decorated with warm, cozy colors such as maroons, deep greens, golds, and ecrus; or they can be decorated with light airy colors such as pale shades of dusty blue, pink, sage and ivory. Whichever color scheme you choose, make sure that you do not use more than 2 or 3 colors when decorating, or the room takes on a busy look, rather than a restful atmosphere.

When decorating romantic bedrooms, the bed can be either wood, or metal, as both work equally well with this decorating style. You can make any bed romantic by changing the bedding fabrics and linens (see below.) Canopy or Spire Four Poster Beds are definitely romantic! Being able to drape fabric curtains around the bed, creates instant allure and romance. The curtains can either be attached directly to the canopy rods of a canopy bed, or draped from a round coronet that is hung from the ceiling above the bed. The bed is the focal point when decorating a bedroom, so make it very appealing and inviting.

Beds that are piled with lots of fluffy pillows are very romantic and inviting. Choose soft demure fabrics for the bedding such as silk, velvet, chenille, and pair them with sateen sheets for an extra luxurious feel. And of course, nothing is quite so inviting or romantic as freshly laundered sheets.

Choose curtains and valance scarves in a sheer airy fabric for a truly romantic feel. Let the curtains pool up on the floor, and drape the valance scarf across the top of the curtain rod, letting it flow down on either side of the curtains.

A seating area in the bedroom is a wonderfully romantic idea. An alluring scroll-back upholstered chaise makes a great place to cuddle. Make sure that you also have some small accent tables scattered throughout the room with vases of fresh flowers or wonderfully romantic scented candles on them.

A full length dressing mirror hung on a wall is also a great piece that really adds character and charm when decorating romantic bedrooms. A small antique-chic secretairé makes a great desk to write letters on, as well as, a place to apply makeup and perfume and is thoroughly romantic looking.

When planning the lighting for romantic bedroom decorating, try to place as many lamps and lights as possible on dimmer switches. Dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness of the lighting scheme, which is essential when decorating romantic bedrooms! Wall Sconces are especially beautiful, and romantic looking, as are small accent lamps. And of course, don’t forget the candles! Candles placed in beautiful candlesticks are especially romantic. Scatter votive candles throughout the room for a softer romantic glow. Put the votive candles on silver trays to reflect the soft light.

Nothing kills romance faster than clutter! Make sure that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. Pretty wicker baskets add character to the room, and are great for organizing everything!

Remember; put some of your personal touches in the bedroom to make the most of your romantic bedroom retreat. Happy Romance!