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October 2013
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A Quick Guide To The Best Bathroom Renovations

October 15, 2013   

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home. Having them renovated can keep your space stylish, safe, clean, and updated.

This article serves a quick guide for your bathroom renovations.

Prepare a Budget.

  1. Set a realistic spending budget.
  2. Look into your existing fixtures to check what can be retained and what should be retained.
  3. The factors to consider in the total costs would be:
  • the materials and fixtures needed
  • fees for labor
  • professional charges of architects or designers that you want to hire

Create an Interior Decorating Plan.

  1. You can do this alone or seek the services of experts.
  2. There are plenty of designing suggestions that you can obtain from magazines, books, blogs, and the like.
  3. Try to keep the theme in tune with the designs of other areas in your home.
  4. Aside from the aesthetic aspects, other factors to take into account are:
  • plumbing needs
  • lighting
  • ventilation

Look for Reliable Builders.

  1. Browse the web for a list of reliable builders in your place.
  2. It helps if they have had enough experience when it comes to bathrooms. They should have skills in plumbing and carpentry as well.
  3. Read about the company’s service reviews and customer ratings.

Schedule an Appointment.

  1. Present your projects plans to your architect so that they can translate your desires into an objective blueprint. Relay your theme preferences, how many people will be using the space, and the kinds of fixtures that you want to place inside. Try to ask for at least three plans to choose from.
  2. After talking to your architect, contact the builders so that you can meet along about the construction plans.
  3. Ask your builders to provide you with their construction needs. Also work with them in choosing the kinds of materials that you want to use. Choose brands and manufacturers that are sturdy and long-lasting to give value to your money.
  4. Request them to give you a reasonable price quote.
  5. Discuss payment terms. It would be better to have this seen in a legal contract. The contract should contain the specifics regarding the labor costs, length of construction, estimated material costs, and property insurance fees.

Schedule the Building Process.

  1. Set dates that are convenient for you and their workers.
  2. As much as possible, do not leave their workers unsupervised. Keep in mind that they shall be given access to your home.
  3. Monitoring their work also sees to it that they are performing the bathroom designs and renovations according to your architect’s plan.