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November 2013
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Wooden Exterior Doors to Increase Home Value

November 21, 2013   

If you would like to boost the value of your home, consider changing your doors and windows. Real estate specialists say the exterior of a house instantly impacts one’s perception regarding the home’s interior.

Choose Wooden Exterior Doors

Wood exterior doors are commonly available on high-end elegant homes and should be considered for your home. There are different prices and styles to select from, with businesses offering customized design choices. The attractive look of a lovely wooden exterior door instantly offers a welcoming feel, and immediately adds more curb appeal.

Have Matching Windows

It’s usually recommended to upgrade both your doors and windows together. Choosing similar wood window structures, or coordinating shutters, will double the increase in value, as compared to just upgrading your doors.

Consider Designs and Styles

While choosing your new doors and windows, consider the style and design which will work best for you. Options include something simplistic, old-fashion, or a creative design.

One of the advantages in selecting wood, is it can be easily personalized – including hand designs, carvings, and color strategies. The options are endless.

One way to see how a specific door or window will appear, is to take a couple of photos of each exterior side of your home. Then, ask a professional to insert the pictures of your prospective windows and doors. This is a sure way of determining how your choices will appear prior to a financial investment.