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August 2014
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How Various Paint Colors Change the Ambiance of your Newborn’s Room

August 5, 2014   

There are so many effects to creating a special inside ambiance for your newborn’s room, but the one most obvious thing is the paint color. Should it be bright? Are you supposed to use multiple colors to create a feel of rainbow? Do you want to create a quiet and comfortable feel so the baby can have a proper sleep?

You must be confused as well as excited about choosing the right paint colors for the nursery. If someone thinks an infant doesn’t have any response to colors, they would be totally incorrect. By hiring the services of interior designing, you can reduce the stress of choosing the colors. According to some researches and surveys, colors do affect the mood of a baby in the following different ways.

Red – Hyperactive

Red looks more bold and attention grabbing and if painted wall-to-wall, it may take away the feel of comfort, thus making your baby more hyperactive. Therefore, if you want your baby to sleep properly, use this color in a smaller portion or combine it with any other color. For instance, you can draw patterns with different colors along with the red.

Yellow – Cheerful, Relaxed and Livelier

Yellow makes a nursery look brighter and fresh but be careful while using a bright shade because it may agitate your baby. Instead, you can either use a dull shade, or use it in the patterns instead of painting a whole wall yellow. A sun or sunflower, with yellow on the main wall, will give a cheerful affect to your nursery.

Green – Comfortable, Cool and Nurturing

In the views of most experts, green is the best color for an infant’s room. It creates a dynamic feel, while promoting more of a learning ambiance inside the nursery. It enables your baby to concentrate more as he grows. This color is also helpful in making your baby’s room more calm, comfortable and natural.

Blue – Calm, Cool and Subtle   

Blue is good for creating a quiet feel inside a nursery, promoting a proper sleep for your baby. However, grey-blues create more of sad and boring feel, and would leave a negative impact on your baby’s personality. Go for bright blue colors since they enhance productivity. You can use these colors in various styles such as painting a wall fully blue and getting some stencil painting, or characters painted on it with different colors.

White – Pure, Clean, Bright, Sleek

For a newborn’s room, white is a perfect colour, because it represents purity, cleanliness and simplicity.

Pink – Loving, Romantic Feminine

The color pink is linked with feminine characteristics. Usually, the girls’ rooms are painted with shades of pink because they love this color. It looks pleasing to the eyes, and creates more of a soothing feel for your newborn.

Purple – Luxurious 

Welcome your little prince or princess with the purple feel of a nursery. This color does not only create a luxurious feel inside your infant’s room, but also makes him/her feel more comfortable.

Avoid Using Dark-Grey or Black

Both of these colors create a serious, mature and stagnant look inside your baby’s room. Therefore, avoid using them in a nursery. Instead, use them in an office or in your bedroom. An interior designer can guide you best about the most appropriate paint colors for your baby’s room.