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January 2015
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5 Things to Consider When Installing a Fire Pit

January 5, 2015   

Permanent or Portable

First, you need to look at the options available to you. There are portable fire pits available that you can just set in your yard or on your back porch. If this suits your needs, then it is a cheap alternative. However, if you want something larger and more permanent that can increase your home’s resale value, then you should definitely go with a permanent one.
dIf you decide to do a built-in fire pit in your yard, then keep reading for more options you’ll need to consider.


First and foremost, you’ll need to decide how big of a fire pit you want. The larger you make it, the more people you can fit around it and the bigger you can build your fires; but on the flip side, the more space you take up with your fire pit, the less yard and patio space you’ll have. Additionally, a larger pit is going to cost you more money to install. Try to find a good balance between the size of the fire pit and the rest of your yard, and make sure to keep the cost within your budget.


With fire pits, you want to use some kind of brick, metal, or stone around it so that embers don’t set anything on fire. There are still lots of options that will suit this need though, so you’ll need to find out what you like best and what fits your budget.

Some cheaper options include cast-iron fire-pit rings, cinder blocks, concrete, and brick. If done right, these cheaper materials can look perfectly nice. But if you want a more high-end look, you can go with options like flagstone, blue stone, orchard stone, and even granite or marble. Virtually any stone material will do, so find the look that you like best.


The fire pit surround is the material laid on the ground around the fire pit. Again, this prevents embers from landing in grass or other materials that may be flammable. Stone and brick are the most common and usually the best choices if you want a nice, finished look. However, if you need to cut on costs, you can just pour sand or dirt around the fire pit.
If you’re going to lay brick or stone for the surround, you need to decide how far out you’re going to go. You should go out at least a couple of feet so that there’s less of a chance of sparks causing a fire. However, if you want to have a good entertaining area around the pit, you’ll want to add even more space.


The final consideration is the seating. If you’re just looking for function, a few camp chairs around the fire will probably do just fine. However, if you want to make the fire pit into a true center for entertaining, you should consider doing built-in seating. A contractor can build benches into the patio around your fire pit for a beautiful, cohesive look. You can build in as much or as little seating as you desire.